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Originally bred to herd cattle, sheep and horses, Pembroke Welsh Corgis are intelligent animals with different markings. Because of this versatility they are a breed prized by many and easy to train. Known for their love of children and other pets, these animals can be found in four coat colours including reds-white pinstripe coats.

The Corgi, an adaptable and loving dog with the whole family, can fit into any home. One should take note of how much energy this small dog has.

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Corgi Personality


Gromming Needs

Exercise Needs

Persian cats are warm and loving creatures with a gentle disposition. They often get on well with other family pets, as long as they have been socialised from an early age.

These traditionally canine-type dogs are often quite intelligent, and they’re easily trained. They don’t usually have a very subservient personality however. However, it’s been known that their behavior pattern is similar to small herding animals in medieval times who guarded farming settlements by night which give them the appearance of being tough– but these corgi puppies are almost harmless by nature.

Corgis are playful but they can also be stubborn and protective. At times, these small dogs act like they are much larger, so the process of getting them to live by your rules will take patience.

Corgis are known for being very alert and attentive. They will notice any small sounds or changes to the environment, and often react with barking. Proper training is a must because Corgis can be trouble if they are not properly trained- without it, they could become excessive barkers that would quickly become a nuisance in their neighbourhood.

Training & Learning:
Puppies will definitely want to explore their new surroundings, so giving them a chance to acclimate to bathing and grooming is a great idea. If Corgis play ball (or fetch), they can keep their weight in check.

It is important that parents train their small dog puppies to know the basics, like “Sit,” “Stay,” and “Heel.” Next they can teach them more difficult commands such as “Down, Off, Leave it and Drop it.

Caring For A Corgi

Food & Hydration:
You should feed your dog from 1/3 to 3/4 of a cup, twice a day. There is no definitive answer for this because the amount depends on the needs of the individual pup.

Your corgi’s food and hydration would depend a lot on: the amount of exercise it gets regularly, the age, the current weight, etc.

A pup’s daily exercise needs are quite different than those of an adult dog. When it comes to puppies, you must remember that their bones, muscles and joints are still growing and developing.

Daily exercise is important for weight management, and frequent exercise means your dog fights weight gain better. It also gives it mental and physical stimulation so they live a happy life.

The Corgi has a medium dense double coat and needs to be groomed  every 4 – 8 weeks. As long as the undercoat is removed, your dog will enjoy shade in hot weather from their outer guard coat, which changes with season.

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