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Maltipoos result from breeding a Maltese with a Poodle. These are two breeds that commonly have the qualities of being friendly, playful, affectionate, and intelligent while also not losing much hair. The creation of Maltipoos aimed to produce small dogs who would not trigger allergies and would be gentle yet still enjoyable to be around.

If you’re looking for a Maltipoo for sale, you’ve come to the right place. Here at Fifth Avenue Pets, we have a wide selection of Maltipoos for sale that are sure to fit your every need and want. From adorable little lap dogs to playful pups that will keep you entertained for hours on end.

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At Fifth Avenue, we offer a wide range of puppies for sale in Singapore. we believe that every puppy and kitty should be carefully bred and well taken care of from the moment they are born. Through our behavioural enrichment programme, we help to increase the odds of raising a socially successful, trainable, healthy, and happy dog.

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Maltipoo Personality


Grooming Needs

Exercise Needs

From their poodle parent, each Maltipoo gets a big personality and lots of energy. But from their Maltese parent, they learn to want love and cuddles from their human family.

There is no denying that Maltipoos have amazing temperaments. They are extremely affectionate and loving, always happy and fun-loving. Maltipoos are content to just sit in your lap and watch the world go by, but they are also just as game for a round of fetch or cuddles.

Maltipoos are intelligent but sensitive dogs that require plenty of patience to train. Using positive reinforcement, treats and play will make the training process enjoyable for both the dog and trainer.

Caring For A Maltipoo Puppy

Caring For A Maltipoo Puppy

Food & Hydration:
The Maltipoo, being a small dog, requires food that caters to their size. Many people are unaware that smaller dogs need more calories per pound than larger breeds due to having a higher metabolic rate.

A healthy diet for your Maltipoo should include high-quality protein sources such as lamb, chicken, turkey, and fish. Also be sure to incorporate vegetables, vitamins, and minerals into their diet to help with digestive health. To avoid any health complications down the road, stay away from pet food brands that use generic meat or meat by-products in their products.

It is essential to remember that not every dog is the same. Their age, activity level, and metabolism will alter how much food they need. Most commercial foods will have feeding recommendations on their packaging, but you could also talk to a vet about your puppy’s tailored requirements.

Maltipoos have above-average energy levels, but they only require moderate exercise. Walking them for 15 minutes or playing fetch inside will keep them content and healthy. They love to play, so adding some fun into their training regiment will produce the best results.

Maltipoos must be groomed every 2-3 weeks to once every 4-6 weeks at most. This is due to the fact that their hair grows relatively fast and because there’s a large amount of it. The frequency of grooming also depends on how long you want to keep your dog’s hair. If you opt for a puppy cut or shave, then your dog can get groomed again after 4-5 months have passed.

No matter what type of coat your Maltipoo has, you should brush it multiple times every week to avoid tangles (daily brushing is best).

Too many baths will dry out a dog’s skin, causing itchiness and flakes. Normally, 1 bath per month is sufficient.

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