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The human race has designed dog breeds since, well, as far back as we go.

We’ve moulded certain breeds to be confident and comfortable ranching sheep with collies for example. Recently in the name of better health or personality traits mixed-breeds have started popping up; boasting weird but kind of adorable names like Labradoodle, sheprador, whoodle, and many others.

One of the most wonderful aspects of mixed breeds is that you might get the most unique features of the two, and each mix breed is different. It can be difficult to determine which traits they’ll have, as many traits are influenced by genes and how dominant those genes are.

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What exactly is a mixed breed dog?
Some mixed-breed dogs have three, four or more different breeds in their lineage. These are sometimes called mutts or mongrels; it is unclear to people who what breeds make up the dog’s bloodline.

A dog that does not belong to one officially recognised breed is considered a mixed-breed dog.

Do mixed breed dogs actually make good pets?
It really depends on the dog’s personality and the lifestyle that you encourage your dog to go through, and when you bring a purebred dog into your home, it is not difficult to accurately predict the animal’s character based on the breed and personality of their parents.

When the kids get mixed, it’s much more challenging to figure out what sort of personality they might have. This is because they may inherit various traits from one side of the other breed, and a few traits from the other side.

However, their personality will largely depend on socialisation and training. As with any dog breed, it is important to commit to plenty of training in order for them to turn out confident, friendly, and happy.

Do mixed breed dogs have health problems?
There is a theory that mixed breed dogs are less likely to have inherited health issues than purebreds, because they have greater genetic diversity.

However, on another hand, studies (in the US) have proven otherwise. Researchers have found that 13 out of 24 disorders addressed had no significant impact whether the dog is a pure breed or mix breed.

One type of veterinary disorder was more common among mixed-breed dogs, while the other 10 were more likely to affect purebred dogs, and not all disorders typically found in a certain breed are found exclusively in that breed. Common health issues, such as lymphoma, mast cell tumor, cardiac problems and hip dysplasia can also be seen in mixed breeds.

There are dog health problems that can develop regardless of genetics, so it’s important to insure your pet to afford them the opportunity for needed veterinary care.

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