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Puppies For Sale In Singapore

Finding the right puppy for your family in Singapore can be a challenge. There are so many puppies to choose from and it is hard to know which one will fit into your lifestyle best.

We know how important it is for you to get a quality puppy from people who love dogs and care about your new family member’s health and well-being.

That is why at Fifth Avenue, we provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision about adopting a new dog or puppy from us, including photos and videos of our dogs. We also provide useful resources that explain how to care for a puppy as well as what kind of things you should expect when bringing home a new dog or pup!

puppies for sale in singapore - girl reading book with puppy
mix breed pet in Singapore - Cockapoo


Subjected To Availability

mix breed pet in Singapore - Beagle


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mix breed pet in Singapore - bichon frise

Bichon Frise

Subjected To Availability

mix breed pet in Singapore - Mini golden doodle

Mini Golden Doodle

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05:36 04 Apr 24
First time dog owner who happened to pass by the store. Staff Wei Yang is very patient in showing us the dogs and the puppies are kept in very clean and hygienic environment. Overall the shop and pups are maintained in great condition, you can be confident to get your pets from them!
06:14 15 Feb 24
Bought a yorkshire terrier from them and I can tell how well they have taken care of the dog as I can see how close my dog is to the staff. The cage that the dog was kept in is also very clean. Reasonable price as well
Pei Ming LeePei Ming Lee
12:52 07 Oct 23
Wei yang and Jeff were really helpful when we bought our 2 dogs. We walked in only wanting to buy 1, but ended up buying two dogs. After going to so many pet stores, the cleanliness of this place made a really good impression, and it smells nice too. I could see that the dogs are well-taken care of. Thanks for all the tips on how to take care of puppies!
Kasey L. TanKasey L. Tan
12:39 12 Sep 23
Bought my first dog a Shepherd cross with Fifth Ave Pets, staff were very patient and friendly, even when they were very busy. Best to make appointment if you want to see their dogs.
04:49 12 Jul 23
My first dog purchased and I love everything about this shop.The staff has been extremely Professional and helpful in assisting us with the purchaseThey have also been very accommodating to all our request. If you are thinking of getting a dog this is definitely a place to go!
Scarlett ChoiScarlett Choi
06:04 29 Jun 23
I’ve visited few per shops to buy a puppy for my daughter. Compare to other pet shops, Fifth Ave Pets were the cleanest and well organised for viewing.Staff also very kind and not pushy to buy. Puppy was very cute and good condition. (No smell and clean, other pet shop’s dog was wet with pee or smells a lot although they said grooming will be done before bring them home🤢)
Lya ManiLya Mani
10:17 11 Jun 23
Got our very pleasant natured, gentle n intelligent Golden Retriever from Fifth Ave.. beautiful qualities inside n outside.. Amazing n dedicated service from Wei Yang, always willing to share info, patient n nice. Never felt pushed by him nor like he felt annoyed wit our constant communication… truly appreciate getting our new baby from them n it’s one of e best,cleanest n hygienic pet stores I’ve seen around Singapore. Quality dogs with full paperwork.. wish you guys all the best in your biz.. may more beautiful pups/dogs find their family n homes to go to…
Thao DangThao Dang
08:59 11 Jun 23
It was a great experience getting our puppy from Fifth Avenue Pets. The dogs were well looked after with lots of space. We were shown the parents of our puppy and saw all breeder’s detail. They were helpful and gave us the space to bond and make up our minds.
Hayden CHayden C
16:32 26 Apr 23
Easy process and picked up a lovely dog family here. Staff were attentive to questions and dogs are generally well taken care of here. Friendly family environment.
Edward YeoEdward Yeo
04:25 20 Feb 23
I want to take a moment to express my sincere appreciation for the excellent after sales service that I received at your store.My recent experience at Fifth Ave Pet truly stood out.When I had difficulty handling my dog they provided my with solutions and even offered to visit my place to help ease the problem.Overall, I am incredibly satisfied and grateful for the wonderful service that I received.Thank you for your commitment to excellence, and for providing such a positive experience for both me and my wife. We highly recommend Fifth Ave Pets!👍👍👍
16:19 06 Dec 22
We are looking for a puppy for our girl. We wanted only Bichon and Fifth Ave Pets happened to have this breed. We made a last minute appointment to view the puppies. Our appointment was fixed immediately and we were welcomed by Wei Yang wholeheartedly. He explained to us on all questions we asked about the puppy. Knowing we are 1st timer to owe a dog, he even advise us on issues to look out abd how to overcome them. He also let us interact with the puppies and making my girl comfortable with them. Although we cannot decide if the puppy is the right one for us, Wei Yang still give us his professional service. Overall, I like his working attitude towards us. Keep up the great job!
Russ SiegRuss Sieg
07:59 05 Sep 22
We bought a Cavalier King Charles. The staff answered all our questions and they gave us a good price, plus’s starter kit. I would definitely recommend them for anyone that is looking for a pet.
Gek PGek P
15:42 10 Jul 22
Fifth Ave is professional, clean, dogs are upkeep with most respect. The space is built for comfort as you take time to spend with your next best friend. I highly recommend them
Sanay SaxenaSanay Saxena
14:41 18 Jun 22
Amazing pet shop, has the best dogs and best products. Good prices as well

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About Fifth Avenue Pets

At Fifth Avenue, we offer a wide range of puppies for sale in Singapore. we believe that every puppy and kitty should be carefully bred and well taken care of from the moment they are born. Through our behavioural enrichment programme, we help to increase the odds of raising a socially successful, trainable, healthy, and happy dog.

puppies for sale singapore - small breed puppies

Small Breed Puppies

If you’re looking for a dog with many different personality traits, the small dog breeds have your match. You can find companions that are cute as buttons or adventurous and daring. They come in both short and long haired designs which work well for the indoors or outdoors. Best of all, they are easy to port around and demand little space.

corgi puppy for sale in singapore


Subject to availability

maltese puppy for sale in singapore


Subject to availability

pug puppy for sale in singapore


Subject to availability

king charles puppy for sale in Singapore

King Charles

Subject to availability

toy poodle puppy for sale in singapore

Toy Poodle

Subject to availability

Dachshund puppy for sale in Singapore


Subject to availability

Bichon puppy for sale in Singapore


Subjected to availability

French Bulldog puppy for sale in Singapore

French Bulldog

Subject to availability

Large Breed Puppies

Large breed dogs may be intimidating at first, but often can turn out to be gentle creatures that are loving and will do well with active families. Give them plenty of exercise as they grow; you’ll need to jog or take long walks together with them regularly. It is a must to start training from the moment it arrives home in order for these good habits to kick in.

large breed puppy for sale in Singapore
Golden Retriever puppy for sale in Singapore

Golden Retriever

Subject to availability

husky puppy for sale in Singapore


Subject to availability

Schnauzer puppy for sale in Singapore


Subject to availability

Labrador Retriever puppy for sale in Singapore

Labrador Retriever

Subject to availability

Cocker Spaniel puppy for sale in Singapore

Cocker Spaniel

Subject to availability

Shiba Inu puppy for sale in Singapore

Shiba Inu

Subject to availability

Bernese Mountain puppy for sale in Singapore

Bernese Mountain

Subject to availability

Samoyed puppy for sale in Singapore


Subject to availability

puppies for sale singapore - small breed puppies

Mix Breed Puppies

Mixed-breed dogs are the result of crossbreeding different breeds, or breeding two purebreds that share similar traits. They cannot be given a pedigree and often look like the parent they take more after. These mixed breed domestic pets may resemble your canine friends at home in many ways, and they are a popular choice for pets all over the world.

cavapoo puppy for sale in Singapore


Subject to availability


Subject to availability

Labradoodle puppy for sale in Singapore


Subject to availability

Morkie puppy for sale in Singapore


Subject to availability

Golden Doodle puppy for sale in Singapore

Golden Doodle

Subject to availability

Maltichon puppy for sale in Singapore


Subject to availability

Cockapoo puppy for sale in Singapore


Subject to availability

Bernard Poodle puppy for sale in Singapore

Bernard Poodle

Subject to availability

What Should You Take Note of Before Getting A Puppy In Singapore

1. What Kind of Dog Do You Want?

Getting a dog purely for how it looks is not wise. Those who fail to properly research the behaviour of their canines are more likely to abandon or sell them.

Owners should choose a dog that is suitable for their lifestyle and environment.

For example, some dogs need more exercise than others. If you are not an avid runner, do not get an active breed. Dogs are often thought to encourage exercise, but in many cases they end up suffering when their needs aren’t met. Be open to change.

Research puppy breeds available in Singapore and don’t be afraid to change your mind if needed.

2. Planning For It

Keeping a dog requires a long commitment, so it is important to think about your future when deciding to adopt one.

3. Is It HDB Approved?

The last thing to bear in mind is relating to the property that you are staying in. For HDB owners, note that only certain dogs are allowed in a HDB property.

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