Why Chew Toys Are Important for Dogs

Dogs have a natural tendency to chew, but it can cause damage if not monitored. Providing your dog with appropriate chew toys can control destructive chewing behaviour and protect your home.


Why do Dogs Chew

Dogs naturally like to chew, and this habit can be beneficial in many ways. Chewing can stimulate your dog’s mind, alleviate boredom and stress, and assist with teething for puppies.

To prevent your dog from chewing on inappropriate items like furniture, shoes, or wires, it is essential to provide them with suitable chew toys.


Benefits of Chew Toys

1) Dental Health

Giving your dog chew toys is a safe and effective way to promote healthy teeth and gums. By satisfying their urge to chew on appropriate items, you can help your dog remove plaque and prevent tartar build-up, thus reducing the risk of dental disease.


2) Mental Stimulation

Chew toys can be a vital source of mental stimulation for dogs. Some of these toys have additional features, including treat dispensers or puzzles, which serve as an extra challenge to help keep your dog’s mind active and occupied.


3) Stress Relief

Dogs may also use chewing as a coping mechanism for stress and anxiety. Providing them with chew toys can offer a safe and healthy outlet for their emotions.


4) Teething

Puppies go through teething when their adult teeth are growing. Giving them chew toys can ease the discomfort and gum pressure they experience while teething.


5) Behaviour Modification

Giving your puppy chew toys can help them satisfy their natural urge to chew and also promote better chewing habits. This way, you can prevent damage to your home and positively modify your puppy’s behaviour.


6) Practice Self Control

By chewing on their toys, dogs explore and manipulate them, satisfying their natural curiosity. This helps them practice self-control while still being able to express their natural behaviour healthily.


Choosing the Right Chew Toy

When choosing chew toys for your dog, prioritize safety and suitability. Opt for strong materials like rubber or nylon, steer clear of small parts that could be ingested, and factor in your pup’s size when shopping. Remember to supervise your dog while they play, as some toys may be susceptible to tearing and may become a choking hazard.



Chewing is a natural behaviour that is essential for your dog’s oral health, mental stimulation and stress relief. Providing them with appropriate chew toys can help satisfy their urge to chew while preventing destruction around the home.

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