How to Help Your Dog Losing Weight

Obesity is one of the most common health issues among dogs. It can reduce their quality of life, shorten their lifespan and increase the risk of developing diseases such as diabetes, arthritis and heart disease.

If your dog is overweight or obese, it is important to help them get back into a healthy weight range. Here are some tips that can help.


Risks of Your Dog Being Overweight

Chubby dogs can be adorable but it is important to understand the risks of your dog being overweight for the sake of your pet’s health.

Obese dogs are at risk for a wide range of medical conditions such as diabetes, arthritis, respiratory problems and heart disease. Studies have also shown that overweight dogs tend to die earlier than those in good physical condition.


Managing Your Dog’s Diet

Since your dog cannot diet on its own, it is important to help them lose weight safely and healthily. Here are some steps you can take:


1) Consult with a Vet

The first step in helping your dog get back into a healthy weight range is to visit the veterinarian. A veterinarian can assess your dog’s health and provide personalized advice on diet and exercise.


2) Reduce Portion Sizes

Once you have an individualized plan for your pet, start by reducing their portion sizes. This means measuring out meals instead of free-feeding them throughout the day.

However, make sure to still give them the necessary nutritional requirements, such as proteins, fat, carbohydrates and vitamins.


3) Increase Exercises

From there, increase the amount of exercise your dog gets each day. Take them on longer walks or add a few minutes to their routine.

You can also sign them up for agility or other canine activity class at a local pet supply store. This will help them stay active and burn calories.


4) Monitor Progress

Make sure to monitor your dog’s progress during their weight loss journey. Weigh them regularly and keep track of any changes in eating habits or energy levels.

In the meantime, do not forget to reward your dog with a moderate amount of treats and praise throughout the process. This will help keep them motivated and on track with their goals.


What Not to Do During Your Dog’s Diet

When trying to help your dog lose weight, avoid these common mistakes:


1) Do not Skip Meals or Give Low-Quality Foods

Your dog should get the necessary amount of nutrition they need each day, so it is important to not skip meals and provide them with high-quality food.

Low-quality foods contain more fillers such as grains and sugars that can increase weight gain. This type of diet can also lead to health problems such as diabetes, joint issues and heart disease.


2) Do Not Switch their Diet Abruptly

When changing your dog’s diet, make sure to do it gradually. Rapid changes in their diet can cause digestive problems and nutritional deficiencies.

Introduce new foods slowly over a few days or weeks, allowing time for them to adjust to the change and get used to the taste. This will help ensure they get all of the necessary nutrients while avoiding digestive issues.


3) Do not Over-Exercise Your Dog

It is also important to keep your dog’s exercise in moderation. Too much exercise can cause fatigue and lead to injury.

Instead, provide moderate and enjoyable activities like swimming or walking that they can enjoy without getting too tired. This will help them get the proper amount of exercise while avoiding any potential risks.


4) Do Not Overfeed Treats or Human Foods

While it is tempting to give your dog treats or human foods, it is important to keep these in moderation. Even healthy snacks like fruits and vegetables can cause weight gain if given in too large of amounts.

Limit treats to a few minutes a day, and make sure that any human food you give them is safe for dogs to consume, nutritional and low-calorie. This will help keep their calorie intake in check without sacrificing their enjoyment.



Weight loss for dogs is possible but it takes time and patience. Remember that managing your dog’s diet isn’t just about helping them lose weight – it is also about giving them a healthy and happy life.

With the right nutrition and exercise, they will have the energy to enjoy their lives for years to come. If you are looking for a new companion, make sure to check out our puppies for sale.