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The bond created between an animal and human is something that is so wondrous and unique.

The bond can easily be developed into something that is mutually beneficial and dynamic; driven by activities that are essential to both. The connection that pet owners develop with their pets can be emotional, psychological, and physical in nature.

Pets can assist people combat loneliness, stress, and anxiety while also providing opportunities for exercise, fun, and activity. When we are someone that they care about, and when we are sad or down, a wet nose or a lick on the hand happens without invitation. The leap to the door to welcome us is also a visible sign of the strength of the human–canine bond.

Pets indeed are non-judgmental and provide unconditional love, meaning, and joy to our lives.

At Fifth Avenue Pets, we believe that all pets deserve both love and comfort, and thus we strive to be a pet shop in Singapore that provides an environment to connect both owners to pets, and thereby promoting strong fostering between both parties.


When we are preoccupied with our past and future circumstances and issues, life occasionally gets away from us. Animals, on the other hand, have no such concerns and simply exist in the present moment. They help us learn mindfulness by assisting us in teaching ourselves to focus on the now.

The simple act of caretaking – knowing that our pets rely on us for their basic needs, and bonding together, makes us feel special, and it helps us to give us a new found meaning and perspective in life.

Pets provide a level of love and companionship that no other form of animal can. They make us feel unique and cared for, regardless of our situation, and their devotion helps improve our emotional well-being.

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PUPPIES Selection Small Breed

Small breed puppies weigh less than 22 pounds and stand no taller than 16″ at the shoulder. We offer a range of small puppies for sale in Singapore.

PUPPIES Selection Large Breed

Dog breeders have their own dog sizing system to make it easier to distinguish between breeds. To be labeled a large breed dog, a canine must weigh at least 50-70 pounds and measure approximately 24 inches tall according to this measurement technique. We offer a unique range of large puppies for sale in Singapore.

PUPPIES Selection Mix Breed

Mix breed puppy is a domesticated animal that has been derived from several breeds of the same species, and sometimes breeds without human involvement, recording, or selective breeding. Mixed breed dogs have three or more distinct breeds in their ancestry. At Fifth Avenue, we specialised in bringing in mix breed puppies for sale.

We Help You Find Your Dream Pet

Where can I find the best puppies in Singapore? How do I find a good breeder? What questions should I ask them? How much is it going to cost me? Do they have all the necessary paperwork from veterinarians and authorities? Should we bring our dog back for checkups after adopting him/her? Will he/she be well-behaved when we bring him home with us?, etc…

Here at Fifth Avenue, we will provide all the necessary information for you – on the process of getting your dream pet.

We will also provide the right support to help you on your journey of raising your new dog or cat. Our guide will help make sure that your pet has a healthy life and will be well adjusted into your family.


KITTIES Selection Variation

Our Philosophy Fifth Avenue

At Fifth Avenue, we believe that every puppy and kitty should be carefully bred and well taken care of from the moment they are born.

Through our behavioural enrichment programme, we help to increase the odds of raising a socially successful, trainable, healthy, and happy dog. Our staffs understand each puppy and kitty, and introduce them to various objects, sensory experiences, and even other puppies and kitties that they may encounter in future, essentially to inculcate a positive experience for them to approach new things with curiosity rather than fear.

We strive to place them in an environment dedicated for them to roam freely; that will help them to grow physically and emotionally well, until they find a suitable caretaker and friend.

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    FAQ s

    Getting a pet from a reputable breeder will be more expensive, but it is likely that there will be lesser health issues in the future (and it is the right thing to do, compared to buying a pet from an illegitimate breeder).

    The fee of buying a pet includes: vaccinations, microchipping, a health checkup and a sterilisation procedure. While some people are adamant that adopting a dog is cheaper, the process is stricter and includes an application and home visits to ensure your new pet finds a good owner.

    In Singapore, the only live animals allowed are dogs, cats, small rodents, licensed fish and birds, as well as three species of amphibians – red-eared terrapins, green tree frogs and Malayan box turtles, and land hermit crab.

    Cats are not allowed in HDB flats.

    ‘Pets’ that are not allowed are: bearded dragons, hedgehogs, star tortoises, sugar glider, snakes, and pigs (guinea pigs are allowed in HDB flats).

    Rabbits and guinea pigs are allowed to be kept in HDB flats.

    In 2020, there are 62 dog breeds that are approved by the Housing and Development Board (HDB). You can only keep 1 dog from the list of approved breeds in your flat. You will need to get approval from HDB if you want to keep more than 1 approved dog in your flat.

    The non-HDB approved dogs are: golden retrievers, Siberian Huskies and Chow Chow.